Opinio Juris

Opinio Juris is a company specialising in corporate responsibility and sustainability. We help accelerate responsible conduct for organisations at all stages of their sustainability journey.

Corporate responsibility (CR) is about managing risks and finding new business opportunities. The importance of responsibility is constantly growing and already a prerequisite for any profitable business. If you want to succeed and remain competitive in the future, corporate responsibility issues must be embedded in everything you do.

Our services

Our experts are here to help you identify and take advantage of market opportunities, manage risks and reduce costs through responsible conduct and business practices. We can help you create clear corporate responsibility strategies and programs as well as strengthen your communications to support sustainable operations.

Our services portfolio comprises consulting, expert advice and training, as well as practical models, strategies and responsibility programs in all areas of CR and sustainability. We also provide communications expertise to drive the operational efficiency of your organisation responsibly. We serve private sector companies, public administration actors and organisations in responsibility and sustainability issues, both in Finland and internationally.

Our aim is to be an agile partner, offering our clients tailored services with customer satisfaction as our top priority. Schedule a consultation with our experts – a general evaluation of your situation is always free of charge.

Our experts

Our people are Finland’s leading CR and sustainability experts and have been working on these issues since the 1990’s. Through our cooperation network, we are able to provide support in all areas of CR and sustainability – economic, environmental and social responsibility – and in the concretisation of sustainable development themes.

The founder and entrepreneur of Opinio Juris is Merja Pentikäinen LL.D, DES. She is a lawyer, leading CR and sustainability expert and pioneer in social responsibility and human rights in Finland. She has worked on human rights issues since the 1990s, and her expertise is based on more than 20 years of work as a researcher, teacher and (acting) professor of international law. In 2009 Merja carried out the first study in Finland on the role of human rights in business (“Business and Human Rights”) for the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Merja’s expertise has been sought by private companies, public actors (e.g. parliament, ministries, and the president of Finland) and international organisations and actors (e.g. UN, OECD, Council of Europe, EU).

Merja is a co-author of the book Liappin, Pentikäinen & Vanhala: Menesty yritysvastuulla – käsikirja kokonaisuuteen (“Succeeding at Corporate Responsibility — A Handbook for the Whole”), 2019, Edita Publishing (available in Finnish).