Realizing the benefits of responsibility requires understanding and implementing regulations pertaining to it. We offer assistance in clarifying the complex norms of corporate responsibility and embedding these practices in your business. We help strengthen your company through high-quality briefings, coaching, and responsibility consulting based on research. Our services are always tailored to meet your specific needs.

In addition to serving businesses, we are also keen to assist organizations and public administration bodies with their responsibility and sustainability queries.

Our key service offerings are outlined below.

The Corporate Path for Sustainability

Current State Corporate Responsibility Risk Analysis (ESG) and Roadmap

Conducting a current state analysis with respect to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues forms the foundation and initial phase of tangible corporate responsibility efforts. We assist companies in identifying their impacts and risks across all facets of corporate responsibility. Once the current state analysis is completed, it becomes feasible to develop a roadmap and outline specific corporate responsibility actions to harness the benefits.

Responsible contractual practices

Proactive contracting is becoming a more significant aspect of corporate responsibility. We guide companies on how to focus on proactive contracting practices and meet the increasing demands of shared responsibility within their value chains, such as responsible procurement. Additionally, we advise on using unilateral contractual obligations to enhance the responsibility in procurement processes.

Corporate Responsibility ABC

If your company is just beginning its journey in corporate responsibility and is uncertain about where to start, we offer tailored information packages that cover the fundamentals of corporate responsibility, including its significance and how to implement it. Corporate responsibility varies across companies, as CSR concerns and requirements are influenced by a company's size, industry, and product range. We provide customized, company-specific training packages to demystify corporate responsibility for you.

Corporate responsibility involves adhering to national laws and engaging in business practices that go beyond legal requirements, benefiting society and protecting the environment and people.

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