Responsible contractual practices

Proactive contracting is becoming a more significant aspect of corporate responsibility. We guide companies on how to focus on proactive contracting practices and meet the increasing demands of shared responsibility within their value chains, such as responsible procurement. Additionally, we advise on using unilateral contractual obligations to enhance the responsibility in procurement processes.


Contracting as a part of corporate responsibility

Our training programs instruct companies on focusing on proactive contracting practices and addressing the increasing demands of shared responsibility essential for effective corporate sustainability due diligence. We also show how unilateral contractual obligations, including contract-based purchasing practices, can enhance procurement responsibility.

Tailored to the company's needs, our training includes the following elements:

  • Explaining the fundamentals of proactive contracting practices, such as their business benefits.
  • Evaluating the need for sustainability due diligence in the context of a company’s business operations, subcontractors, and value chain.
  • Providing a roadmap with workshop training and practical guidelines, offering detailed advice on how a company can incorporate responsibility requirements into its contractual practices.

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