Our Sustainability

We practice what we preach by integrating sustainability into our own operations. We comply with laws and go beyond legal requirements to meet international corporate responsibility standards. Sustainability is a core consideration in our own activities, procurement processes, and client relationships. We collaborate with other like-minded organizations that value sustainability. Through our services, we promote sustainability.

Opinio Juris Oy is committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and reports on its sustainability in accordance with the Global Compact reporting criteria.

Opiniojuris Palvelut

Examples of Our Social Responsibility:

  • We are committed to respecting human rights in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. 
  • As small business owners, we prioritize our well-being and self-care by maintaining healthy lifestyles and engaging in physical activity. 
  • Balancing work and life is essential to us. We take data privacy seriously and ensure its protection. 
  • In our interactions with customers and partners, we treat individuals responsibly and without discrimination. We value diversity.

Examples of Our Environmental Responsibility:

  • We minimize our environmental footprint by working from home offices. By not commuting to a distant office, we reduce our environmental impact. Our home offices use electricity from environmentally-friendly sources. 
  • We minimize travel by conducting remote meetings whenever possible. 
  • When we do travel to meet clients, we opt for public transportation when feasible. 
  • We also prefer plant-based food options.

Examples of Our Financial Responsibility:

  • We consistently pay our taxes on time. 
  • We do not engage in activities associated with bribery and corruption. If we encounter such practices, we address them.
  • We ensure that our subcontractors receive fair compensation.

Our Mission, Visions & Values 

Our mission is to support companies in conducting responsible and sustainable business with our expertise in responsible business law.

Our vision is to make responsible and sustainable business the new 'business as usual.'

Our Values:

Expertise and Continuous Improvement: We are experts in our field and continuously enhance our knowledge to provide our clients with the most up-to-date expertise in responsible business law.

Collaboration: Responsible business is a team effort that requires diverse expertise. We collaborate with experts from various backgrounds to deliver the best results for our clients.

Trust: We are a trusted partner, adding value to both our clients and collaborators. Trust is at the core of our values.